Smartphones offer several conveniences in our life, but we also need to be aware of the negative effects of smartphone use, the most concerning aspect being smartphone addiction. Smartphone addiction is a phenomenon that pertains to uncontrollability of smartphone use. People with this problem encounter social, psychological, and health problems

Specifically, adolescents are a high risk group for smartphone addiction. Adolescents are strongly attached to their smartphone, and they regard a smartphone as their second self. Many smartphone users have reported that they would not be able to live without a smartphone (Wajcman et al., 2007). Developmentally, adolescents experience several physical and psychological changes. While, on one hand, they are dependent on their parents with reference to their life and identity, on the other hand, they are trying to be independent of their parents, to establish their identity and to create an independent space for themselves. During these changes, a smartphone becomes indispensable for adolescents. They are interested in new technology and get used to the operation of such devices more easily than adults do.